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Mandatory Fees Cost Table

Mandatory Fees Cost Tables are now available on either the Undergraduate or Graduate Tuition and Fees/Cost of Attendance pages.

Service Charges: A small trade-off...

MSU Denver allows students to pay throughout the semester (whether by simply making partial payments during the semester or through our payment plans). However, you are subjecting your balance to monthly service charges by choosing to have more time to pay. Most students are subject to these service charges except for:

How Much and When?

Service charges will be assessed based on the remaining balance at the following rate:

  • 4% Service Charge at the beginning of the semester, assessed right after the Payment Deadline for that semester.*
  • 1.5% Service Charge once per month, on the 7th business day.

*Note: Students who enroll in a payment plan before the Payment Deadline will be exempt from the 4% service charge.

Certificate Programs

School of Professional Studies Certificates

Tuition Lock - making education even more affordable!

Beginning Fall of 2022, MSU Denver locked the tuition rate for Undergraduate students.  First-Time Undergraduates will have their tuition locked for four years. The tuition rate for transfer and re-admit students will be locked for two years. Continuing students (admitted to MSU Denver before the Fall 2022 semester) will have their tuition locked for three years.

What is the Tuition Lock?